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Most smartphone cameras, even those with optical image stabilization systems, rely on electronic stabilization only for stabilizing video footage. Google's new Pixel 2 devices, however, are managing to combine both optical and electronic stabilization for ultra-smooth handheld footage and panning. And a new post on the Google Research Blog explains in quite... more

Back in August, NASA's love affair with Nikon cameras made the news when the space agency ordered 53 unmodified Nikon D5 DSLRs that it would use on the International Space Station and for 'training purposes' here on Earth. Ten of those D5 cameras are scheduled to make it to the ISS this week.

Packed aboard the Orbital ATK... more

Kodak recently disclosed its third quarter fiscal results, revealing that it had a GAAP net loss of $46 million on $379 million in revenues during its Q3 2017. This marks a sharp downturn of fortunes for Kodak, which saw $12 million in net earnings during the same quarter last year. "An overall print market slowdown and rising aluminum costs have impacted our commercial print business," explained Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke in... more

Want to try your hand at water drop photography but don’t know where to begin? Here’s an 11-minute video fromFirst Man Photographythat runs through the entire process,... more

It's difficult to stand out when creating a time-lapse these daysfrom the storm-lapses of Mike Oblinski, to the 'flow-motion' hyperlapses of Rob Whitworth, to the award-winning work of Michael Shainblum, it seems like it's all been done. Until, that is, someone comes up with something like 'Low Earth... more

The Light L16 is a 52-megapixel point-and-shoot camera that uses a massive 16 lenses all at once to create high resolution images. It has both baffled and inspired a lot of the photography community, but the first... more

It might seem like one of the simplest parts of photography: leveling your horizon. Most photographers want their horizons to be straight, of course, but this isnt an area of photography that gets too much attention. And why would it? Leveling the horizon is a very easy task right? In practice, though, it requires more care than many people think.

You cant just rely on your cameras virtual horizon, or your post-processing softwares auto straighten tool. Our perception of a... more

Tracking and panning a camera in time with a tank shell seems impossible given that the shell travels at over 1,500 meters per second. Yet, somehow, there are videos showing just that floating around the Internet. Here’s a 7-minute video from... more

Newsweek is getting widely criticized after sharing a sneak peek of the cover on the November 17th issue of the magazine. To illustrate the lead article about sexual harassment, the magazine decided to use a photo of a feminine hand sticking a needle into a phallic balloon.

The cover was Tweeted by both the magazine and its Global Executive Producer, Alfred Joyner:

New cover story: How Donald Trump rules America's Garden of Dicks and... more

Let’s be honest: how can one be stuck in NYC? NYC was supposed to be a four- or five-day stop for my project Around the world in 80 followers, but it worked out quite differently.

With this... more