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Alan Burles started as a art director in the early 1980s. After investing in a Olympus XA 35mm rangefinder, however, Burles started traveling everywhere with a pocket camera. Since 2005, he has been a full-time... more

Food photographers have an arsenal of tricks up their sleeves to make food look delicious on camera. And more often than not, these hacks make use of non-edible products that aren’t appetizing.... more

Many Instagram users aim for a large number of followers. However, sometimes you'd like to share an Instagram moment with just your closest friends and not hundreds or thousands of followers, most of whom you probably don't know.

This is now possible, thanks to a new feature... more

Stacie Errera is VP of Marketing and Communications for Tamron USA.

We met with Tamron's Stacie Errera at Photokina 2018 in Cologne, Germany where we discussed the brand's unique identity, product development prioritization, future lens plans and the importance of user feedback.

How is Tamron different from other lens manufacturers?

Our focus on customer service at all... more

Phase One has released Capture One 12, the latest edition of its image editing software. The updated product features a redesigned interface, revamped menu aligned between the Mac and Windows versions, linear and gradient masks via the new Parametric Masking Engine, luminosity masking and a new plug-in ecosystem.

... more

Hasselblad. The company that went to the moon. A company known for producing some of the most iconic cameras in history. Since 1948, when Hasselblad produced its first consumer camera, it has built a strong reputation within the industry. As with many companies, it has had a few bumps in the road, but for the most part, it remains a highly respected organization.

The last decade has been relatively tough for the company. The shrinking medium format industry and a few major... more

Phase One just launched Capture One 12, the latest major version of the popular RAW conversion, photo editing, and asset management software.

“This release takes a top-down approach to streamline,... more

Art has arguably been around almost as long as humans have. The moment we learned to mark something for others to see and interpret, the moment art was born. Thankfully for us photographers, we neednt go quite that far back to begin learning from the history of art. In fact, we only need to go as far as the “Old Masters.”

Old Master Who?

To those unsure as to who the Old Masters were: they are the painters that worked in Europe prior to the 1800s. More specifically,... more

While the rest of the world has been concentrating on making cameras smaller and lighter photographer Ian Ruhter was making one literally the size of a house in order to make the worlds largest wet collodion plate. Ian and his team sealed up an abandoned house in California and mounted a lens in the wall to create a massive camera. The camera was used to produce a portrait of a 100-year-old local resident on a sheet of glass measuring 66x90 inches.

... more

Instagram is taking a step toward being more accessible by adding auto and manual descriptions of photos for visually impaired users.

“We are introducing two new improvements to make it easier for people with visual impairments to use Instagram,” Instagram... more