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When I first started on my journey of learning my way around Photoshop I was a full-on Apple product fanboy, it just seemed like every creative was using an Apple machine and that I should do the same. Once I went full-time, I realized that I could build myself a PC that would be much more powerful for the price.

After my build was complete, the first thing I did was install the Wacom drivers and Photoshop, only to find that some things didnt work quite as I had expected them to... more

A Michigan man is receiving international attention this week after claiming that he has a photo showing an angel hovering over his truck at night.

WPBN... more

Sticking to its usual 6-month product cycle, Chinese manufacturer OnePlus today announced its latest flagship device, the OnePlus 6. Compared to its predecessor, the OnePlus 5T, the new model is a fairly incremental update.

It comes with the newest Qualcomm top-end... more

The ongoing eruption of the Kilauea volcano on the big island of Hawaii has led to tens of thousands of evacuations and the destruction of tens of homes. And the eruption has grown to such a scale that it can now be easily seen from the International Space Station.

NASA astronaut A.J. (Drew) Feustel has shared a photo captured from the space station that shows what the island looks like from space.

It is easy to see the activity on Hawaiis... more

Here’s a fantastic 16-minute tutorial by photographer Dustin Dolby of workphlo (he’s like the Bob Ross of product photography) on adding a creative background to a product... more

Photographer Markus Hofstaetter often gets asked about how he acquires the plates he uses for wet plate collodion photography. To answer that question, Hofstaetter... more

Congratulations! You just got hired to travel for your photography/video services! The question now becomes: how do you get your batteries on the airplane? Does TSA have anything to say about it?

Since... more

Earlier this year, photographer Arthur Galvao was reunited with a camera lens that he had lost. That probably happens all the time, but get this: the lens was lost in a desert and traveled around the world before finding its way back to Galvao two years later.

The camera store retail chain... more

Photo by OsitaLV via Twitter

The DJI Phantom 5 drone is allegedly featured in two newly-leaked imagesas well as a few sketchesthat claim to reveal details about the unannounced model. The leak comes from Twitter account "... more

If you ever need to shoot a product photo of a beverage bottle, the concept might not seem too complicated, but seasoned product photographers actually have a number of tricks they use to take their images to the next level. Here’s a helpful video in which photographer Max Bridge of... more