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A pair of crowdfunding campaigns are raising funds for Replica Surfaces, a series of photography backdrops that imitate various surfaces, including wood, concrete and marble. Unlike the real materials, Replica Surfaces backdrops are lightweight at 907g (2lbs), highly portable with a 3mm (0.12in) thickness, and can be assembled upright using small plastic stands.

Replica Surfaces are described as "hyper-realistic" backdrops featuring glare-free, stain-proof surfaces made with three-... more

Photo kindly provided by Lensrentals

For the latest edition of LensRentals gets down and dirty with camera equipment, Lensrentals founder Roger Cicala tore down Canon's new 50mm F1.2L RF lens to reveal what tech and construction is lurking inside.

'Usually, I start tear down posts with a... more

PetaPixel recently published an open letter from photographer Usman Dawood entitled: “Dear Camera Companies: Please Make a Fast Lens Between 50mm and 85m.” Today, I am asking for the pretty much the opposite: slower, lighter prime lenses.

Unlike Mr. Dawood, I am an amateur photographer, though I am a veteran of many years in the... more

One of the most viral photos of the past few days has been a side-by-side comparison of two photos that purports to show how photographers covering the Paris protests are misrepresenting the truth.

"Paris burns"... more

Adobe has released the December 2018 update to its entire photo ecosystem, bringing new features, improvements, and bug fixes to Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom CC for Mac, Windows, Android, ChromeOS, and iOS.

Here’s a rundown of the notable changes across the different apps (a full list of changes can be found... more

If you have a TLR camera, here’s a simple trick you can try to help you to focus more easily. All you’ll need is some rubber bands, scissors, aluminum foil, and a ruler (optional).

Here’s a visual guide (the pictures speak for themselves):

I made this strip of aluminum 1cm wide.

These next images are only illustrative of what you will see in the focus screen using this hack.

When youre... more

Olympus reportedly has a mirrorless camera called the E-M1X up its sleeve, and the camera has now been leaked through a set of photos and specs.

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To bring some Christmas cheer to sick children stuck in hospitals, the Christmas Wish Project recently assembled 100 volunteers in 10 cities across 4 countries for an ambitious portrait project. The photographers made magical Christmas portraits for over 200+ kids and their families.

Put on by the volunteer organization... more

With the explosion of social media and photo sharing, personal pictures commonly go viral and make their way onto major news websites, sometimes without the photographers’ permission. But a judge has just ruled that media companies can’t simply steal social media photos whenever they see fit.

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If you can live with some compression being applied to your files, Google Photos offers a reliable and free method for storing your photos and videos. The platform can also be used for storing original-quality JPGs and Raw files but those files will count against your quota and once you're out of storage you'll have to pay for extra space.

Depending on the file types you... more