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Here’s an enlightening 7-minute video by Fstoppers that explains why “lens compression” is a misconception that’... more

Apollo is a new “immersive illumination” iPhone app that lets you edit 3D lighting in Portrait mode photos. The app uses the depth map created by dual camera iPhones, allowing you to post-process photos as... more

Renowned NASA photographer Bill Ingalls set up a remote DSLR camera pointed at the launch pad yesterday during... more

In a recent presentation at its investors relations day in Tokyo, Sony was not shy about its ambitions in the photography market. According to the presentation, Sony intends to occupy the top slot in the overall camera market by the end of 2020 by boosting its interchangeable lens systems to beat back Canon and Nikon.

Already doing quite a good job of grabbing market share,... more

Google Photos is taking another step towards being a social photo sharing app that can compete with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. Google has unveiled the ability to “star” and “heart” photos.

The new “star” is the mechanism for adding photos as Favorites and will be available when browsing your own photos. This lets you highlight the “keepers” you’ll want to look back on by visiting the new Favorites album.... more

With the release of the HTC One M8 in 2014, HTC was a true dual-camera pioneer; unfortunately, that phone was also slightly ahead of its time. The One M8's camera only had a lukewarm reception, and overall the device did not prove to be particularly popular. As a consequence, HTC... more

Google Photos is the default online image management platform for many mobile and desktop users, but until now, it's been lacking one pretty basic feature that is available in most comparable applications: the ability to favorite photos.

Today Google closed this glaring gap in the Photos feature set, announcing via Twitter that it is rolling out a... more

Apple's dual-camera setup can create a depth map to simulate background blur - but now, someone's figured out how to simulate lighting effects with an impressive level of control.

Apple's dual camera devices (the 7 Plus, 8 Plus and X to be precise) generate a depth map to create the effects of Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting that we've all come to know well. Whether you love, hate or feel generally 'meh' toward fake background blur, things get interesting when Apple makes that depth map... more

ASUS has unveiled its new ZenBook Pro 15: a lightweight laptop that packs some seriously impressive specs, including a 4K factory-calibrated display and, despite its thin 18.9mm frame, up to an 8th-generation Intel Core i9-8950HK hexa-core processor.

The model offers excellent hardware options targeting video... more

It looks like Canon is getting into sensor sales. The three specialized CMOS sensors the company has been recently showing offincluding a 120MP APS-H model and an... more