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Jedi mind tricks are not just for Jedi. Theyre for photographers too. Us portrait photographers face a difficult mission. We must form instant connections with our subjects. Have you ever photographed someone with whom you just cant click? I have, and it sucks.

To avoid awkward suckiness sucking, I recommend using Jedi mind tricks.

So What Is a Jedi Mind Trick?

According to “An experienced Jedi can use the Force to implant a suggestion in the... more

Photo: David Slater

PETA's "monkey selfie" copyright lawsuit has finally, finally reached a satisfying ending. On Monday, a three-judge panel with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that only humans can pursue copyright infringement claims, upholding a lower... more

"Every famous photograph was made with a camera less advanced than the one you are using now." This paraphrased quote is the inspiration behind The Art of Photographys latest YouTube video titled "Your camera is better than Ansels." In the ten-minute video, Ted Forbes breaks down his thoughts on the idea that, instead of taking an introspective approach to our photography work, we tend to blame the gear and use... more

Credit: Adobe

The latest update to Lightroom Classic CCa 'massive update' to camera profiles for both Lightroom and ACRcame complete with an infuriating set of bugs that, judging by our comment section, left Adobe users quite frustrated. But have no fear: the software giant... more

With homelessness on the rise in countries across Europe, photographer Grey Hutton decided to take to the streets of London and Berlin to shoot portraits of the homeless in winter months using a thermal camera... more

Samsung Electronics has launched the 970 PRO and EVO solid state drives (SSD), aimed at tech enthusiasts and professionals. Thanks to very fast read/write speeds and large capacities they look like interesting options for anyone handling and editing large amounts of image or video data.

The new drives come in the M.2 form factor and... more

Back in 2014, the Rosetta spacecraft captured the world’s imagination by arriving at a comet and snapping the first-ever photos of a comet’s surface. Now here’s something that’s even better: a series of photos turned into a motion picture of what it’s like on the comet at ground level.

The 1-second video... more

Seven years ago I decided to buy a camera to capture my climbing adventures. Little did I know how it would change my life. Not only did it make the climbing even more enjoyable, it also taught me all the important aspects of photography.

A short while ago, that camera, my trusty... more

LEX is a new prototype open source film camera that features a E-mount, allowing Sony photographers to use their existing collection of lenses.

... more

Photographer Alexander Gee has created something pretty cool: the first (to our knowledge) Sony E-Mount 35mm film camera. It's called LEX, and when it's finally finished, Gee intends to make the camera's design files open source so that anybody with a little bit of interest, soldering skill, and access to a 3D printer can built their own from scratch.

The LEX is the result of more than a year of design work, 3D printing, and trial & error, which Gee actually documented... more