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The Google Pixel 2 represents truly impressive computational photography output. And while we're currently hashing out a full review from a photographer's perspective to be published in the near future we wanted to share this enormous update to our original Pixel 2 gallery.

Note: All images in... more

The AI-powered Select Subject feature that Adobe demoed back in November has finally arrived in Photoshop CC! The feature was officially released just minutes ago in Photoshop CC version 19.1, which also includes the addition of a Decontamination... more

There are plenty of new digital camera unboxing videos these days, but they’re generally not like this one. Lazy Game Reviews got its hands on an Epson PhotoPC and... more

This post is dedicated to all the people who have completely lost their sense of common decency. I have a destructive humbleness that most people do not understand (myself included). I do not have a Patreon page, I do not run ads on... more

PhotographerCaitriona Dunnetthas spent years doing background research for her photography projectMass Paths, which depicts the old trails used by Irish Catholics for attending “forbidden mass... more

As a photographer that isn’t associated with any news media, it can sometimes be difficult to get access to certain opportunities. With space, this is especially true, since access normally means the ability to place a camera near a launchpad in areas that are heavily restricted. This is a story of how it can never hurt to ask for permission.

Streak Rocket Shots

The first time I required a “big” camera to capture an image was for a rocket streak shot. This type... more

Photographer and Photoshop expert Colin Smith of PhotoshopCAFE recently embarked on a test many photo and video editors have been asking for: comparing the new iMac Pro against some of its main competition. In Colin's case, he pit a slightly upgraded version of the iMac Pro against an Alienware gaming PC, a MacBook Pro, and the current Mac Pro.

The iMac Pro Smith was testing is a slightly upgraded version of the... more

Have a camera body cap lying around collecting dust? Did you know that you can easily turn it into a do-it-yourself pinhole lens? Matt from Blue Mantle Films created this 1.5-minute video tutorial that shows how.

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Check this out. The folks over at Photolemur have created... more