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I blended 105 exposures to create a 620-megapixel photo of New York City transitioning from night to day after a snowstorm. “New York Transitions I” captures the... more

Cosina Japan has officially discontinued the Zeiss SLR Classic lens series, specifically bringing an end to the: Zeiss Distagon T* 15mm F2.8, 18mm F3.5, 25mm F2, 28mm F2, and 35 F1.4, as well as the Zeiss APOSonnar T* 135mm F2.

The notice simply reads (... more

Photo: Apple

It's official! As we reported yesterday morning, the iMac Pro is now officially on sale in the United States, starting with the two base modelsthe 8-core and 10-core variationsand a price tag of $5,000 for the 'standard configuration.'

Up until now, that's the only price we knew for this behemoth of a computerwhat Apple calls "the most powerful Mac ever"but now that the... more

Photoshops High Pass filter can be an effective photo sharpening tool, but its effect can be too drastic for certain areas of your photo. Here’s a 9-minute tutorial from... more

Apple has released a Final Cut Pro X update that adds a slew of new features and expanded support to its video-editing software, most notable among those features being support for 360-degree and VR video. This is a major update for the software, which has been optimized to fully leverage the greater processing power of... more

Itd be cliche to say that the eyes are the window to the soul, but theyre certainly the key to a compelling photograph. This is intuitive when photographing people and pets, but no less true for birds. Its just that with small, fast-moving subjects, it takes more care and skill.

Always aim to photograph an eye with a bird attached. When the eye is properly captured, the rest of the bird usually follows. This post lays out 5 rules for capturing a birds eye, and thus a beautiful,... more

Most photographers rely heavily on the capabilities of autofocus systems in DSLR cameras, but knowing how they actually work is something that even experienced photographers may not have learned. Here’s a 4-minute video by... more

Brooklyn-based photographer and graphic designer Alfra Martini has been taking famous album covers and recreating them with cats instead of humans. She calls the project... more

Photo: Weibo

Editor's Note: We have decided not to post the video of the tragedy, or even link to it. Please, if you value your life, do not engage in 'rooftopping' or other risky activities for the sake of a 'cool' photo. There are legal and safe ways to capture great photos from tall places.

Performing dangerous stunts to capture exciting photos... more