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Apple has pushed out Final Cut Pro X update (version 10.4.6), that adds the ability to automatically detect and convert any legacy media files that will not be compatible with future versions of macOS, as well as numerous bug fixes and improved features.

Last year, Apple began warning its users that older video... more

There have been iPad commercials shot with iPads and feature films made on iPhones, so why not add a late night television show to the list of jobs smartphones are taking over.

Tonight's episode (March 25, 2019) of NBC's Tonight Show will be shot entirely on a... more

As promised earlier this month, Camera Bits has released Photo Mechanic 6, a major update to the company's image ingestion software. A free trial is available to download for new users on Windows and... more

Smartphone camera quality continues to hit new heights, and here’s another example of how far we’ve come: NBC will air an episode of “The Tonight Show” shot entirely on the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

... more

Photographer Miguel Quiles made this 7-minute video tutorial on a trick you can use to shoot eye-catching portraits. It’s all about paying attention to and manipulating the... more

The Tel Aviv, Israel-based startup GuruShots has raised $5 million in Series A funding for its crowd-based real-world photography game, which gamifies photography for enthusiasts around the world.

The funding, led... more

Photoshop enthusiast Shawn Pollock has been practicing his skills at retouching and colorizing old B&W photos in recent days, and while searching for historical photos to work on, he came across this photo of a couple.

The portrait was captured by early 20th-century Romanian war photographer... more

SmugMug Films has released Streets in Mind, its latest film that follows London-based street photographer Alan Schaller around the busy streets of New York City.

The film comes in at five-and-a-half minutes and takes a wonderful look into the life and work of Schaller. As narrator, Schaller explains how he came to be a street photographer after a career in music.

In the words... more

As a dance photographer, Im paying close attention to the response regarding an action photo of the Australian Football Leagues Tayla Harris. This shot of her shows her leg extended after kicking the ball that would be the first goal of an AFL game.

The picture, taken by AFL chief photographer Michael Wilson, was shared on the AFL Facebook Page captioned as Photo of the Year, but then was removed after people began making sexually inappropriate comments. The removal of the... more