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Have you ever wondered what the photo editors atNational Geographic do? No, they don’t sit around and edit pictures in Photoshop. In this 6-minute video, some of the biggest names in photography offer a glimpse into the closely-knit relationships between photographers and their editors.

“I’m pretty sure most people have no idea what a photo editor actually does,” says photographerDavid Guttenfelder.

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Photographer Jenna Martin helped spark a movement back in November 2017 when she did her “Ugly Places, Pretty Portraits” challenge in a Lowe’s home improvement store. Since then it has spread to other popular retail chains, include arts and crafts stores. But while... more

Samyang has just announced a new premium lens, the XP 50mm f/1.2 for Canon EF full frame cameras. It’s a manual focus lens that’s designed for shooting 50-megapixel... more

Photo: Samsung

Samsung has reached another solid state storage milestone with its newly-announced Serial Attached SCSI PM1643 30TB SSD. The drive, which was developed for enterprise use, has double the capacity of the 15.36TB SSD Samsung introduced in early 2016. The company packed 512Gb V-NAND chips alongside 1TB NAND flash packages into the new drive, the combination enabling it to offer a 30TB capacity in a 2.5-inch form factor.

"With our launch of the 30.72TB SSD," Samsung's Jaesoo... more

I write a version of this story every year around this time: Photo Contest result time. And every year, its addressing the same grousing and whining and complaints about everything from non-diversified juries to images being too newsy or not newsy enough.
And of course, everybody has an opinion about the winners! Oy vey! Well, you know the old saying about opinions; they are like a**holeseverybody has one. And if you take away nothing else from this article, remember this; No one... more

It's official! 24 hours after product photos leaked online, the rumored Samyang/Rokinon XP 50mm F1.2 lens for Canon EF Mount has officially arrived. This is the third so-called "XP" lensthe first two, which were announced in 2016, were the XP 85mm F1.2 and... more

As part of our regular appearances on the TWiT Network (named after its flagship show, This Week in Tech) show 'The New Screen Savers', our Science Editor Rishi Sanyal joined host Leo Laporte and co-host Megan Morrone to talk about how smartphone cameras are... more

A blockchain crypto-art rose titled "Forever Rose" has been sold to a collective of investors for cryptocurrencies with a value equivalent to $1,000,000 USD. The collective is composed of 10 investors, each of whom contributed an equal amount toward the digital rose. The artwork is based on Kevin... more

Tamron Japan shared this teaser on Instagram, shortly after leaked images of the 70-210mm F4 Di VC USD appeared online.

Tamron is preparing to release a couple of new lenses, teasing one (zoom?) lens last week, and now another, on the Tamron Japan Instagram account. Fortunately, unlike the speculation around last week's teaser, we pretty much know what Tamron is hinting at in... more