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Florida-based photographer Kiersten Grant was at the Miracle Strip Amusement Park with her daughter Mylie recently... more

Prior to this year, humankind didn’t have a good idea of what Pluto looked like. NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is working to change that. It has been steadily flying toward the dwarf planet over the past many months, and on July 14th, during a flyby, we’ll be seeing the first-ever clear photos of Pluto.

On July 7th, New Horizons... more

Ive been taking photos all of my life. Something that I realize now started from a young age: Ive been genetically disposed with bad eyes, but it was only discovered around the age of ten. This forced me to look closely at what was in front of me for a long time. Once I got tested and got glasses an entire world opened up. As a result, Ive always looked at things and people with an appreciation I doubt I couldve had any other way.

Its a hunger to try and capture what I see in... more

Not long ago, you made your stand as a 'serious' amateur photographer by using a medium format camera. Compacts and SLRs existed of course, but the graduation from 35mm film to 120 or 220 formats meant that you had really made it. These days, digital medium format cameras occupy a niche in the market, but the allure is still there. Damien Demolder spends a little time with Phase One's 645DF+ and IZ250 back - see how they get along.... more

Lytro has introduced major updates for its ILLUM light field camera and desktop software. ILLUM 2.0 provides a re-designed user interface and makes it possible to view and interact with full living pictures in camera. It also speeds up auto focus by using phase detection rather than relying on contrast detection. Read more

Ricoh is addressing an anomaly found on a small group of its Pentax K-3 II digital SLRs in which the camera will not turn off, even when the power lever is in the 'off' position. Ricoh will service any K-3 II within a specific range of serial numbers at no charge, regardless of whether the camera is having the issue. Read more

Apple has released version 6.05 of Raw compatibility software for Mac OS X Yosemite. This update adds support for ten cameras including the Fujifilm X-T10, Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246), Nikon 1 J5, and Panasonic DMC-G7 to Apple's Aperture, Photos, and iPhoto software. The download is now available in the Software Update section of the Mac App Store. See the full list of new cameras

As long as I can remember, Ive been fascinated with the small and wondrous world of macro imaging, predominantly as a macro videographer, but also in the stills realm as of late.

One thing that is a constant in any form of creative imaging is the need to constantly update, modify and adapt the base equipment we are dealt when we make our already-expensive gear purchases. Recently, I’ve been focusing my attention on adapting photographic flash guns for macro photography.... more

Nikon has issued a new service advisory for the D750 DSLR, warning owners that some cameras may have a shutter defect that causes shading in a portion of photos. This notice comes half... more

'Bullet time' effects, as seen in the 1999 movie 'The Matrix,' tend to be expensive and time-consuming to produce, requiring an array of synchronized cameras. Researchers at Columbia University are developing an iOS app that would make it easier for consumers to capture bullet time sequences. Read more