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Dedolight celebrated its 30th anniversary this year by holding an international competition in which competitors create the best tutorials they can for passing on their lighting knowledge.

The video above is the entry by the Freiburg, Germany-based film production company... more

There’s a new fad on the Web. It involves creating trippy Inception-esque scenes by Photoshopping landscape photos into strange worlds with right angles in the horizon line.

A week ago, this photo by Indonesian Instagram user Jati Putra Pratama... more

Sony announced today that it will be spinning off its booming image sensor business as a new company called Sony Semiconductor Solutions. The goal of the change is to bolster the company’s Devices segment.

Back in 2012, when Sony was reporting... more

In addition to two days of speakers, demos and photo activities, PIX 2015 is also a miniature film festival. We're excited to partner with the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), who are presenting some of their favorite recent photography-centric movies. Read more

The first known photograph was captured in 1826 when light reacted with a particular type of asphalt known as Bitumen of Judea. Since that first natural light photo, photographers have introduced artificial flash lighting to photos through all kinds of different ways. In this post, we’re taking a look at a brief history of the camera flash — from its humble beginnings with explosive powder and burning metal up... more

After sharing his DIY square “ring light” build here back in July, photographer Isiah Xiong is back again with another DIY project. This time, Xiong is explaining how he built a DIY version of... more

500px today unveiled revamped profile, photo, and discover pages that aim to deliver a better experience to the 6+ million member community. The company says the new designs are based on user feedback, have been tested over the past few months, and have the goal of... more

A year ago, photographer Julian Tryba was featured by Vimeo after creating a time-lapse of Boston using a technique he dubbed the “layer lapse.” Now he’s back... more

Tsuneko Sasamoto is a renowned Japanese photographer who is considered to be her country’s first female photojournalist, documenting pre- and post-war Japan since becoming a professional shooter at the age of 25.

Sasamoto also has the distinction of being one of the oldest photographers on Earth: she just turned 101 years old in September, and she’s still making photos.

Sasamoto shooting in her 20s.

Sasamoto... more

Project Apollo Archive has uploaded a massive library of high-resolution photos taken during NASA's moon missions and related training exercises. More than 8,400 photos have been published, including scans of original photos taken by astronauts' Hasselblad cameras and some processed photos from film magazines. Read more