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The One X is Insta360's latest consumer 360-degree cam and is controlled via an iPhone or Android smartphone, and retails for $400. The big news on the new model is the 5.7K resolution which means you can reframe the spherical footage and extract a standard 16:9 video with good resolution after capture. During recording you don't have to worry where the camera is pointed at.

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Back in its heyday, Polaroid made seven 20×24-inch instant cameras, and only six of them are known to exist today. Marco Christian Krenn of... more

On September 10, stock image company Picfair introduced a new option for photographers to showcase their work called Picfair Stores. The online storefronts went live for all users a couple weeks later and are now joined by a new subscription option called... more

As dry and windy conditions cause raging wildfires in California, there are brave men and women putting themselves in harm’s way to document what’s happening and serve as the eyes of the world. This incredible photo by photographer... more

The astronauts onboard the International Space Station get new cameras delivered from time to time — 10 Nikon D5s arrived in late 2017 after NASA ordered 55 of them. But did you know that it’s extremely expensive to stock the ISS astronauts’ camera... more

While some photographers are struggling to make money from photography, Romanian photographer Florin Kiritescu is finding money in his photos. Literally.

Kiritescu, a portrait and wedding photographer, did a... more

ON1 has launched its new ON1 Photo RAW 2019 photo editor for macOS and Windows. The new software is a "major upgrade" to the existing ON1 Photo RAW editor, according to the company, which has added new features that include focus stacking, a non-destructive layers workflow, a new portrait... more

A photographer and group of high school boys are at the center of a firestorm of controversy this week after a photo surfaced showing the group doing the Nazi salute.

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Im no stranger to the iPad. In fact, it once caused me not to get a job at an Apple store shortly after college. I was asked in an interview, What do you think of the new iPad, and I answered honestly (mistake number one in a job interview I would learn).

Im not sure how I feel about it, it doesnt really do what I would want it to do.

I didnt get a call back for a second interview. Little did I know this would be the start of my rocky relationships with tablets.

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