Photography News

NVIDIA researchers have published a new paper detailing their latest artificial intelligence work, which involves generating photo-realistic portraits of humans that are indistinguishable from images of real people. The technology revolves around an alternative generator architecture for generative adversarial networks (GANs) that... more

Free Raw photo-processing software RawTherapee has been updated to version 5.5, gaining a new Shadows/Highlights tool, a striping and banding tool, unbounded processing and numerous other updates. In addition to the new features, RawTherapee 5.5 brings a number of bug fixes, feature improvements, and speed... more

Wildlife photographers sometimes set up camera traps to capture images of elusive animals. Former NASA engineer Mark Rober recently spent months creating a glitter-bomb fart-spray... more

Over the years, Leica has partnered with LEGO multiple times to create brick-made versions of its popular rangefinder cameras. Now, a new set is available, a pair of LEGO Leica M camera sets.

The LEGO Leica M cameras come in a black and brown variety. Like their respective real-life counterparts, the cameras feature all of the important details you'd expect from a Leica rangefinder: a clear viewfinder, various dials, a shutter, a rear display and even camera strap mounts.

All... more

Back in July 2018, photographer Oscar Oweson started an effort to build a homemade rangefinder camera — a 6×7 camera designed to be like an all-mechanical version of the Mamiya 7. Months later, the... more

If you often find yourself needing to remove the backgrounds from photos but don’t have the time to manually do it, you might want to bookmark It’s a simple free website that automatically removes... more

A new macOS app called photos2webgallery lets you create HTML web galleries from your Photos library. The resulting HTML output can be shared in many ways, including via upload to your own web server or shared via USB-drive.

Thanks to HTML5 support... more

Photographer Mario Cipriano has started a new project titled “Light Sounds Light” using a technique he calls audiophotography. Cipriano is using a digital audio recorder to capture the... more

Renowned photographer Steve McCurry recently sat down with journalist Kate Snow for a drink and to chat about his life and career. This 15-minute segment by NBC Nightly News offers a peek into the mind of the celebrated (and recently controversial) photographer... more