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It's not just countries and federal agencies getting tough on drones, unruly or otherwise. According to a report from TechCrunch, NASCAR, the sanctioning body of multiple... more

If theres one thing landscape photographers obsess over more than gear, its light. And often, we fall into the trap of treating light as a zero-sum game - either a sunset is amazing or its a complete fizzer. This all-or-nothing mindset is detrimental to our growth as photographers and the work we can produce.

Instead, when we approach our time in the... more

New Zealands South Island is known for its picturesque landscapes, breathtaking high peak alps, and ever-changing weather. It is a world heritage for its untouched wilderness, clear night skies, and adventure tourism. After traveling through the North Island, it was time for me to jump south.

These images are highlights of a two months journey through the South Island of New Zealand. I traveled from the north region all the way to the austral region at Stirling Point, the... more

I recently converted my friend‘s Durst Laborator 1200 enlarger to use LED lights. In this article I’ll share how I did it.

Advantages of having a LED head:

During an earthquake, a camera capturing a long exposure of the night sky can capture star trails as seismograms that records the motion of the ground.

Back on January 20th, a 6.7-magnitude earthquake rocked Coquimbo, Chile. About 56 miles (90km) away, the ESO La Silla Observatory was in the process of shooting images of the night sky.

The observatory’s Rapid Action Telescope for Transient Objects (TAROT) telescope, which monitors gamma-ray bursts, was shooting a... more

I was out in Death Valley last week and was fortunate to photograph some unique scenes of the floods. A rare 10-mile-long lake formed in Death Valley after heavy rains.

From the road, one can see water, but due to the general vastness of Death Valley and the scale of the mountains and all, the body of water looks relatively small from the road even though it spans around 10 miles or so.

It was breathtaking, though! In between shooting photographs, we always steal a... more

Zenit has announced a 50mm F0.95 manual lens for Sony full-frame cameras.

The Zenitar 0.95 | 50, as it's called in Zenit's branding, is fully manual without any electronics inside. It features a fast aperture and an... more

Photo by Kara Murphy

Just a few weeks ago, a drone crashed through a window on the 27th floor of a building in Chicago. Last year, a tourist was... more

Hasselblad has introduced a cable release for its X1D medium format rangefinder-style camera alongside a new USB double battery charger. The Release Cord X is 90cm/36in long and triggers the shutter in single shot and continuous modes, and controls the camera via its microphone socket.

... more
A screenshot of illustrated portraits shared on IBM's Diversity in Faces dataset website.

Earlier this week, Flickr started taking heat across the web after it was specifically mentioned in a report from NBC News that took a deep dive into the 'dirty little secret' of using Creative Commons images to help train facial recognition algorithms.

The... more