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Film manufacturer Ilford Photo has published a new Behind the Scenes video taking viewers into the company's HARMAN technology factory located in Mobberley, England. Ilford produces its Kentmere and ILFORD black and white 35mm and 120 film products at this factory, as well as its chemicals and photographic paper.

This is the first time Ilford Photo has shared an official look behind the scenes at Ilford Photo, according to the company. The... more

A few weeks ago, Sony asked me if I wanted to do a quick test run with the (at that time) unannounced Sony a7R IV. I was pleasantly surprised as I (and I am sure many others)... more

Lomography has unveiled LomoChrome Metropolis, a product the company claims is the first color film stock to be offered in 35mm, 120, 110, and 16mm options in more than five years. LomoChrome Metropolis is an original color negative emulsion from Lomography that offers very high contrast combined with muted colors for what the company describes as an intense... more

This past Saturday, just before sunset, the lights went out in New York City. Well, a big piece of... more

UK-based film and photo paper manufacturer ILFORD Photo has released a new short film titled “Behind the Film” that takes you inside the HARMAN technology factory in the village of Mobberley, England,... more

An illustration from the patent application filing that details the closed (left) and opened (right) states of the lens cap.

If theres one thing you can count on as a photographer, its that you will, at some point in your career, lose a lens capor three. This issue has been addressed over the years through both first-party and third-party solution, but... more

Alongside the a7R IV, Sony has unveiled a new shotgun microphone that, when used with the new camera, offers built-in analog to digital conversion to in order to provide a digital audio signal directly to the camera.

The ECM-B1M shotgun microphone includes eight pickup capsules, with three user-selectable directionality patterns. The unit itself is about 10cm / 4in in length. It will be available in September for $350.

A new XLR mic adaptor kit is also introduced, with two XLR/... more

I recently arrived at what I think is a worthwhile insight into the lenses I use. The material that follows should become instantly obvious once read, but the several photographers I discussed this with all commented that they had never thought of the matter that way and that it was worth some thought. Those comments inspired me to share my viewpoint here.

A lot of my shots are taken with relatively long focal lengths, typically from 60mm to 135mm on an APS-C camera. I have... more

During a live presentation in New York City this morning, Sony revealed its latest full-frame mirrorless camera, breaking new ground in this ever-more crowded market with the Sony a7R... more

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Sony has introduced the a7R IV, which the company calls 'another milestone in mirrorless', at an event in New York City.

The camera has a full-frame 61MP BSI-CMOS sensor with a claimed 15 stops of dynamic range (it's the first new sensor since 2015, according to Sony). It has a hybrid AF system... more