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If you’ve been eyeing Huawei’s latest P30 Pro smartphone and its ISO 409600 low-light capabilities, you should know that there’s major trouble brewing for the brand due to a the US government blacklisting it. Google has reportedly suspended its business with Huawei, including dropping Android support.

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Amateur photographer Steve Biro was shooting at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Ontario last week when he managed to capture this remarkable photo of a bald eagle flying straight at him with a... more

Camera brands have been shifting their attention from DSLRs to mirrorless cameras, with Canon even reportedly deciding to focus entirely on launching RF mirrorless lenses in 2019 with zero EF announcements. But Ricoh isn’t convinced the trend will last — it believes some mirrorless shooters will soon return to the DSLR.

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The Camera Store, located in Calgary, Alberta, has reported a camera theft incident that involved an attack on staff using bear (capsaicin) spray. The incident took place on May 16 at around 5PM local time, according to the company, which says the thief took off with a Sony A7R III camera and Sony 16-35mm F2.8 G Master lens.

The thief is described as a middle-aged man wearing a grey jacket, dark pants,... more

Voigtlnder has officially announced its 21mm F1.4 Nokton lens for the Sony E mount after showing the concept at the CP+ show in February. The company says the lens will have electronic contacts to transfer EXIF data to the... more

I’m Niklas Roy, and I recently built a kilopixel camera called The Flying Pixel Portrait Camera. It’s a do-it-yourself project that uses a single photoresistor and a video projector in order to capture... more

In the history of photography, the equipment and processes in portraiture were often calibrated with lighter skin in mind. Buzzfeed‘s As/Is made this video in which it did a photo shoot with dark skin models and had them share about times in which their skin tone was poorly reflected on camera.

The models share common experiences of over-brightened skin, badly lit portraits, strange hues, and underexposed faces in group shots. These issues can come up when working... more

With devices like its recent P30 Pro flagship smartphone Huawei has managed to established itself as one of the prime manufacturers and a major innovator in the mobile imaging space within a very short period of time.

However, it looks like the company's meteoric rise could be... more

As an astrophotographer, I had this dream of seeing the moonbow (AKA the lunar rainbow) one day in Yosemite, my favorite National Park in California. Every year, either water flow or cloud conditions prevented me from catching it. But this year, my dream came true.

The Sierra Nevada mountains received heavy snowpack this year that lead to some epic water flow in Yosemite Falls in the park. I took advantage of this scenario and got incredibly lucky on weather this time around... more

Camera stores have become the targets of more and more thieves in recent years. While many of the reports involve nighttime break-ins, robbers do attempt to steal gear during store hours as well, and that’s what just happened to the well-known camera store... more