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Sony has announced the 'Imaging Edge' mobile application that replaces the PlayMemories Mobile app. It offers remote control capability and geolocation. Users of recent Sony cameras (RX10 IV, RX100 V(A) and VI, a7 III, a7R III and a9) will be able to transfer 4K video in addition to full-resolution images (by selecting media on-camera). a9 owners will also be able to auto-transfer 2MP images.

Transfer & Tagging add-on

A pro workflow 'Transfer & Tagging add-on' will be... more

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Yesterday Sony unveiled the a6400, an APS-C mirrorless camera that wraps up a 24MP sensor, impressive autofocus capabilities and a vlogging-friendly flip-up touchscreen in a compact package. We've been putting it to work on environmental portraits and some fast-moving subjects check out our initial... more

Those who follow my work know that I consider myself a large format photographer. I will photograph with a medium format camera, particularly when Im trying to save weight on a backpacking trip or save time when Im teaching a... more

To kick off the new year on the right foot, Adobe has announced an update to its Behance social creative platform. The update includes a redesigned profile page, customizable banners and an updated project page.

The updated profile now includes a larger cover image to highlight... more

My name is Nicky Hamilton, Im a photographer from London. In-between commercial work I produce fine art photography, specializing in cinematic set builds, which unlike my commercial work is done solo, the set design... more

Our intrepid team is in San Diego, for the launch of the new Sony a6400. In this short overview video, Carey, Chris and Jordan talk through the main specifications of the new camera, and what they might mean for photographers and videographers.

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It all started with an email from Wendi Murdoch. She claimed that she had found us through a personal recommendation from a senior editor at Conde Naste Traveler. We had just finished talking with Conde Nast Traveler about doing some Instagram featured work on both... more

Camera lens cleaning pens use fine carbon particles to help cleanly remove smudges from your glass. Do you know what else has carbon particles? Soot. Here’s a short 2.5-minute video in which photographer... more

Sometimes, youre forced to work with what youve got, even if that means just the flashlight on your phone. In this 10-minute video, youll learn 5 ways to light portraits using just a phone flashlight.

1. Use Darker Backgrounds

The light emitted from a phone flashlight is significantly weaker than video lights or a flash. This means youll need to place your subject against a darker background and bring the phone closer to the subject in order for the light to show up.

... more

Sony has just announced major upcoming firmware updates to the a9,... more