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Photo: Hamish Gill

Kodak Portra 800 is a wonderful and versatile color film. And any rumors of it being discontinued, we're pleased to report, are simply untrue. That's a good thing, because Portra 800 is capable of producing lovely results in all sorts of lighting conditions and even holds up well to being under or overexposed.

Our friends over at 35mmc have a detailed review... more

In the interest of creating a more diverse and inclusive brand, Fujifilm has announced some changes to its “X-Photographer” ambassador program. These include the creation... more

Automotive photographer Dave Cox (AKA ShootingDave) recently put together a handy step-by-step tutorial that shows you exactly how he uses light painting to capture dramatic car... more

The head of the World Press Photo Foundation has stepped down after five years in the role. Dutchman Lars Boering joined the foundation in 2015 but left without much explanation from either him or the WPP. In an official statement, Boering said It was a tough decision to leave this beautiful... more

A couple in Laguna Beach, CA got more than they bargained for during what should have been a beautiful wedding shoot on the coast. During the shoot, a rogue literally swept the couple off their feet and into the ocean, where lifeguards had to come to their rescue.

You can see the full incident in the video below, captured by a bystander and obtained by... more

Getty Images has announced an… interesting partnership with the creators of the video game... more

After months of rumors and development announcements and price speculation and uncertainty about when exactly Canon would reveal the EOS R5 and EOS R6, we now have confirmation from the company itself: Canon has scheduled a “... more

As a landscape and travel photographer, I consider my camera gear the most important tool of my trade. I have been traveling for photography for so many years and have conducted several workshops in that span. This involved traveling to remote areas off the beaten track chasing the perfect shots.

Mobility towards those far off destinations has been a real challenge and I have realized that there is a persistent need to get a solid vehicle to do the job and complement my... more

Recent industry-shaking news aside, Olympus isn’t going anywhere just yet. In fact, earlier today, the company revealed an updated lens roadmap and released... more

With a supply crunch in medical-grade facemasks, the general public has been turning to homemade masks in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. Now researchers are... more