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In the first article of this series I explained what drones are, how they are built and controlled by the user. The next question to naturally arise is "Why does one need a drone?" What is a drone good for, and why should you get one?

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Photographer Gary Gruber recently purchased a Hasselblad lens accessory on eBay. As he waited for the order to travel from South Africa to his home in the United States, Gruber was baffled by the route DHL... more

An Ohio-based photographer was shooting senior photos at a state park earlier this month when she was struck by a falling tree branch and killed. Authorities suspect foul play, and now a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to justice.

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Introduced in 1988, the Nikon F4 was the worlds first professional autofocus camera, and it made its way quickly into the hands of many working photographers. But despite the incredible leap in technology it represented, it was apparently quickly overtaken by the competition, which built on the solid foundation the F4 offered.

Early reviews were kind, but the advances in all areas of camera technology since then have left it more a cult option for today’s users.

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September 21st, 1979. Forty years ago, British rock photographer, Pennie Smith immortalized the destruction of a Fender P-Bass guitar by Paul Simonon of The Clash on the stage of The Palladium in... more

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A new gallery from the Canon EOS 90D, shot by Chris and Jordan while filming this week's episode of DPReview TV. As usual, it comes complete with reflected images in puddles.

The EOS 90D is Canon's newest DSLR camera, sporting a new 32.5MP sensor and 4K video without a crop. As Chris and Jordan discovered during their testing, there's a lot to like.

Make sure to visit our Canon 90D initial review for more information on this camera.

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My name is Paul Schmit, and today I want to describe to you the journey that led to the time-blended astrolandscape you see above.

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Axibo Media has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Axibo, an AI-powered camera slider system with tilt and pan functionalities. The company bills Axibo as a more affordable and simplified professional alternative to existing robotic camera systems. The product features an integrated 6 + 1 AI core CPU, powering its ability to learn faces and track 'just about any object.'

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The big news from Fujifilm’s X Summit was the development of the X-Pro3 rangefinder with its unique hidden LCD screen. But that’s not the only thing Fuji revealed in Tokyo today: the company also announced that it was scrapping plans for the previously announced 33mm f/1.0 in favor of a more compact 50mm f/1.0 lens.

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